We offer an unique but tried and tested Leadership Development Programme (LDP) for High Potential Individuals (HPI’s). The methodology of the LDP is based on over 22 years of research and experience in fast-tracking leadership potential. “The Leadership Journey” is in essence a 12-month Leadership Development Programme (LDP) that could be customized to your requirements. We have presented “The Leadership Journey” in-house at a number of our clients in Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Automotive Industry, Agricultural Sector, Retail, Information Technology (IT), Transport Sector etc.

This is what one of the delegates that have attended “The Leadership Journey” had to say afterwards:

Zaheer (Senior Manager)
“When I had first joined the LDP, my battery was flat. My drive, vision and positivity was lacking in my personal and professional life. The LDP came at a right time in my life, something to stimulate and excite me.

I gained a deeper understanding of the core business function through assignments and group discussion. The LDP has improved by decision- making skills, expanded my capacity to lead in new initiatives and projects and increased my confidence to speak and present to audiences of different hierarchy.”

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