Willem Conradie has written a series of booklets on Developing High Performance Teams for Knowledge Resources. Over the years we have assisted clients with team development, team effectiveness and team building initiatives across South Africa in a variety of settings.

We have a number of unique venues that we utilize and the equipment that we use enables us to deliver an unforgettable experience anywhere, any place!

Clients can choose from a diverse range of activities or alternatively we could customize a specific programme for your team!

Contact us for further information regarding our directory of team building activities and/or exciting venues.


  • Building Personal Resilience for HR Managers/Business Partners

    Gauteng: 18 - 19 April Cape Town: 14 - 15 March Book Now
  • Best Practices in Talent Management and Succession Planning

    Gauteng: 18 - 19 March Cape Town: 18 - 19 April Book Now
  • Best Practices in Competency-Based Recruitment, Interviewing Skills and Talent Sourcing Strategies

    Gauteng: 20 - 21 March Cape Town: 20 - 21 April Book Now
  • Innovative On-Boarding (Induction and Orientation) Practices for Organisation

    Gauteng: 4 - 5 May Cape Town: 30 - 31 March Book Now