Competency Framework:

We have designed and developed a Human Capital Competency Framework (HCCF), consisting of over 75 competencies that could be utilized for job-specific Competency Profiles; Job Descriptions; Leadership Competency Models, Personal Development Plans (PDP’s), Development and/or Assessment Centres etc.

We also provide professional consulting services whereby we can customize the Human Capital Competency Framework (HCCF) to meet the needs of your organisation/institution/small or medium business. Alternatively we could enhance/integrate or align your existing competency framework to meet future requirements of your organisation.

Organisational Capabilities:

Organisational Capabilities are those which are rare, difficult to imitate and so inherent of the DNA of your organisation that it provides you with a competitive edge in the marketplace. We have assisted a number of clients in identifying their organisational capabilities and integrating/aligning them with their Leadership Competency Model(s).

Leadership Competency Models:

We have assisted clients with the design of various Leadership Competency Models to be utilized for Leadership Development, Development Centres, Management Development Programmes (MDP’s), Assessment Centres etc.

Competency-Based Interview (CBI) Questions Directory:

We have created a directory of well over 600 Competency-Based Interviewing Questions that could be utilized in recruitment interviews etc.

Competency Development Workbooks:

We have designed a comprehensive directory of Competency Development Workbooks. These workbooks contain a variety of resources that could be utilized to develop a particular competency. Each workbook has more than 10 different competency resources to choose from.


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